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3 Reasons to Not Hire a Copywriter and Save Yourself Some Money

3 Reasons to Not Hire a Copywriter and Save Yourself Some Money

If you run your own business, you likely write your…

5 Disadvantages of Outsourcing Your Marketing

When you’re running your own business, honesty is important. Honesty…

What Went Wrong with Your Marketing Copywriter

The problem: You don’t like the marketing copywriter you’ve hired…

How to Open a Blog Post: By Not Using These 3 Tactics

How do you bore your audience quickly? By using any…

8 Ways to Save Money When Working With a Freelance Writer

Time equals money. That’s nothing new, and yet it’s often…

Define Your Needs When Outsourcing Writing

Finding the right writer when you’re outsourcing your writing can…

How Do Freelance Writers Set Their Rates?

I’ve seen advertised rates for freelance writers from $5/hour to…

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