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You’ve of course perused this website, and this–plus my fiction-writing website–is the cleanest, unadulterated web copy of mine that you’ll see. The links below are to sites that may have edited their pages since I last touched them. If you’re seriously considering me to write web copy for you, and you’re interested in something below, please contact me and I can send you the final draft that I submitted to the company.

Promotional photo of Phillip Chbeeb

i.am.me’s Phillip Chbeeb in the Spotlight

In this short blog post, I highlight hip-hop dancer and choreographer Phillip Chbeeb’s style and work. (Published September 2016.)

SuKuLTuR book in a vending machine

Books in vending machines and God’s Busted Knee

(This bulletin notice announced an author visit. Published February 2016. To see the published version, click on the link and scroll down to the third story.) Even though you don’t know him, you may already feel a type of familiarity with author Marc Degens: he writes with a self-deprecating humour common in Canada, and he […]

Blues musician Steve Strongman

Buddy Guy and Steve Strongman: Another Part of Blues History in Kitchener

(This post appeared on a blog for a 2,000-seat live theatre, where blues legend Buddy Guy was playing, with Steve Strongman opening. Published March 2016.) It all started with a man named Smith. Glenn Smith, to be exact. You may know him as the owner of Ethel’s Lounge in Uptown Waterloo, but if you’ve been […]

How Far Do Electric Vehicles Drive?

Since early 2019, I’ve been writing eight blog posts per month for the Used Car Dealers’ Association. The posts cover a range of topics: financial, environmental, family, and safety, to name a few. This one discusses the distance electric vehicles drive. Please visit the UCDA‘s website to view it.

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