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Blog posts serve many purposes: entertainment, information, even personal reflection. You’ll find a mix of tone and purpose in the samples below. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact me.

Promotional photo of Phillip Chbeeb

i.am.me’s Phillip Chbeeb in the Spotlight

In this short blog post, I highlight hip-hop dancer and choreographer Phillip Chbeeb’s style and work. (Published September 2016.)

Choosing the Right Language Service Provider for Your Company

In this blog post, I outline the steps a potential customer should take to ensure the language service provider they choose is a good fit for them. (Published summer 2015.)

Shovel pushing snow. For blog post on shovelling and elearning.

Safety, Understanding and Correct Shoveling – A Case For eLearning Localization

This is a blog post for a translating agency in Berlin, Germany. What do shovelling snow and elearning localization have in common? Click on the link (will open to the company’s webpage) to find out.

Shot of airplane from underneath. For announcement for an SAP consulting firm.

Are You Ready for Extended ECM for SAP Solutions 16?

This article, written for an SAP ECM consulting firm in the USA, introduces the reader to some of the major updates in OpenText’s Release 16. (Opens to client’s site.)

"Happy" photo of sunflowers under a blue sky with wisps of clouds. For blog post on positive thinking.

The Role of Positive Thinking in Creativity

This blog post explains my stance on what positive thinking really is and how I believe it can help (and where I believe it can harm). Published in 2014.

Blues musician Steve Strongman

Buddy Guy and Steve Strongman: Another Part of Blues History in Kitchener

(This post appeared on a blog for a 2,000-seat live theatre, where blues legend Buddy Guy was playing, with Steve Strongman opening. Published March 2016.) It all started with a man named Smith. Glenn Smith, to be exact. You may know him as the owner of Ethel’s Lounge in Uptown Waterloo, but if you’ve been […]

Jim Cuddy’s Gold Medal Connections

Jim Cuddy has been in the news a lot lately. After his single “Pull Me Through” was used for a montage of the history between figure skaters Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, it crashed the iTunes servers because of the surge in downloads. Also last month, he released his latest album, Constellation. And in the […]

Explore Dangerous Underwater Caves with NatGeo’s Kenny Broad

Waves lapping up on the beach, a creek babbling through a forest, or a river rushing into a lake: these are perhaps some of the most calming sounds for us. You’ll likely hear water in some sonic form on relaxation soundtracks, or you may even seek it out with a trip to the ocean. Florida, […]

What Is Flamenco Dance? Myriam Allard Answers

This blog post comes from the blog I write under Lori Wolf-Heffner, the name I use for my fiction writing. On that blog, I occasionally interview artists from different disciplines, including the performing arts. In this blog post, the interview is with Myriam Allard, a Flamenco dancer from Montreal.

Are Heavy-Duty Trucks the Key to Solving Air Pollution?

I wrote this blog post for Geotab, a telematics company that specializes in fleet management. Its impetus was a recent study that showed that heavy-duty truck emissions were far more dangerous than car emissions. I really enjoyed writing this one, because it forced me to examine my own opinions on this environmental issue and opened […]

How Much of Your Income Should You Spend on Your Vehicle?

I enjoy writing blog posts that help people figure things out. In this one, I review the basics of deciding how much money you have available to purchase a car. As nice as it can be to buy a new, shiny one, sometimes the numbers don’t add up, and the last thing you need is […]

Dog sitting in red convertable. Blog post written by Lori Straus.

Driving with Dogs

In researching this blog post for the Used Car Dealers’ Association, I learned that only 5% of pet owners who drive with their dogs have a built-in pet safety system installed. This blog post aims to help people find safer ways to drive with their dogs.

How Far Do Electric Vehicles Drive?

Since early 2019, I’ve been writing eight blog posts per month for the Used Car Dealers’ Association. The posts cover a range of topics: financial, environmental, family, and safety, to name a few. This one discusses the distance electric vehicles drive. Please visit the UCDA‘s website to view it.

Foreign Language Anxiety in the Workplace

This client is an example of one who needs a freelance writer with multiple skills. I translate, transcreate, edit, and write for them. This blog post focuses on an unknown aspect of mental health: foreign language anxiety in the workplace. Visit text&form‘s website the view the post.

Self-Quarantine or Self-Isolate? Social or Physical Distancing?

This article was written using research directly from the CDC and the Government of Canada. The client is in the medical research space and pivoted during the pandemic. Visit Pulse Infoframe’s website to see the published version.

Headshot of tap dancer Lisa LaTouche

Tap Dance, Its History and Connection to Race: an Interview with Lisa LaTouche

Lisa LaTouche is a Broadway tap dancer who moved back home to Canada during the pandemic. I interviewed her as she was about to premier a new tap work for Fall for Dance North. We discussed learning tap, tap’s history, and so much more more. Read about Lisa LaTouche and tap.

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