Lori Straus: One Writer, Many Voices

Lori Straus is a writer based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. She's been writing professionally for well over 10 years.

A native English speaker, Lori is also fluent in German, still remembers enough French to order in a restaurant, and is currently learning Japanese.

Lori Straus believes that languages exist to help us understand each other: because the 5,000+ languages on this planet have evolved to reflect the lives of those who speak them, they also help us share the different ways we understand the world.

That's why Lori writes and learns languages: to bring people together wherever possible.

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  • I’m currently available to work for companies from Canada, the US, Germany, and Austria.
  • loristraus@loristraus.com
  • (519) 503-7098

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