Lori Straus

Copywriter, Editor, German-to-English Translator


Copywriter, Editor, and German-English Translator in Canada

Words on Your Mind?

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For some people, searching for the right words to convey exactly what they mean is about as much fun as cleaning their entire car…with a toothbrush.

I’m not one of those people. Burying myself in words is like lying out in the warm sun. (Without burning, of course. Otherwise it would be bookkeeping.)

Hi, I’m Lori Straus, a copywriter, editor, and German-to-English translator based in Canada.┬áNow that you know me a little, click on the button that best matches you and learn more about how I can help turn your days from drudgery into luxury again.

Companies I’ve Helped

Lori Straus has written for FleetCarma.
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